Welcome to the Sede of the  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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To start a new record or review existing ones, you can use two access methods:

1. UAM username and password : the ones from your institutional email account at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, as established in Resolution "Identification and authentication systems other than Advanced Electronic Signature ", available under section "SEDE" of the regulations.

2. Login with Cl@ve : for all citizens who do not have institutional mail from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and who have an electronic DNI, electronic certificate, or are users of the Cl@ve Identification.

NOTE : To access Sede through Cl@ve PIN it is required that the Registration in Cl@ve was done, either in person, or electronically by means of a certificate or electronic DNI.

IMPORTANT! : If you access the Sede by means of a DNI or electronic certificate, to carry out the login process you must have AutoFirma software installed, which can be obtained from AutoFirma download page . Please, follow the instructions provided in their Signature Guide.

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